Aspiring Futurist


At a very young age, I became interested in computers. Today, I build websites and custom software for a variety of businesses and associates. My passion is bringing together new emerging technologies to solve timeless technical unsolved challenges.

My work ranges from writing WordPress guides to building custom-built software platforms. Innovation never ends; every day technology presents opportunity.

Our future will favor technology. We are only beginning to see the impact of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Today, my focus is learning React. My goal – to become a full-time, full-stack React Developer. Concurrently, I continue developing WordPress websites and web commerce projects for my bread-and-butter clients.

Key Skills


As a professional front-end developer and system administrator for over 15 years, I have built over 200 unique websites. Here is my three-part system to development.


I am a full-stack developer, with experience in JavaScript, PHP, React, Angular and Bubble. I am learning more about React to build more complex websites and apps.


Since programming is only the back-half of most software programs; therefore, I am familiarizing myself with the aspects of design and user experience (UX). These skills will enhance my designs, and bring more value to all of my projects.


What good is software that nobody understands? Writing extensive code and usage documentation always comes with every project I work on. I also create and execute training programs to educate the my client’s employees with their new tools and website.

Technical Overview


Learning is a passion of mine. Reading about programming languages and frameworks is not for everyone. But for me, it’s a fun part of my daily routine. My computer skills assessment covers developer, hacker, engineer, designer, graphics/photography, educator and writer. Capable of building a complete system, supported by a custom WordPress guide and code documentation.

WordPress / PHP / MySQL 90%
Documentation 90%
JavaScript 85%
Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects 50%
UX & UI Design 50%
React 25%
Bubble 65%


After each project is complete, personal instructional training and materials are provided, if necessary. The training aims to teach the end-user how to best utilize the site. This training material is a supplement to Dan’s Guide to WordPress, updated and published annually.


In my own words for the future, I would like to move beyond build stand-alone websites, and start to develop a core application by myself, for the people of the internet. I think through free and open-source software that we can empower more and more of the world to make a positive difference online.




My passion and committment are reflected in my work. I was taught to always keep my word. If I take care of my character, my reputation will take care of me. Below are a few client references. More references available upon request. Your name on this list is a phone call away. Provide your information in the form below and let’s get started together, today. The future is here. Thank you.


“Mr. Birlem possesses quite extensive expertise, which he used successfully in his work. Mr. Birlem showed the ability to think outside the box, work creatively and as a team player. Due to his exact analytical abilities and his quick comprehension he found good solutions, which he consistently and successfully put into practice. Through his conceptional, creative and logical thinking, he found excellent solutions to all emerging problems.”

2021 – FinCompare, GmbH

“Dan has always helped me out with websites, programs, apps and more. Since I was starting a business from nothing, I didn’t have much in the way of money. Dan stuck by my side and helped build out and entire suite of software that is still in production today. His documentation and books also help our staff, and he stays involved to train new employees, from time to time.”

2020 – CA Green Leaf Group, Inc.

“Outstanding and quick development skills meet creative expression that I seldom see in independent contractors. Dan has a good eye for color, composition and composure. I will always look to Dan and trust that his expertise will give me an honest appraisal of my needs and scope of work.”

2020 – Steve Grimore @ CPRS, Inc.




Are you interested in getting a quote or building a project out with me? Reach out in the form below for more information. I will respond usually within a few business days.

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